Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tijuana in the news

Two items on the Mexican War against Drug Traffickers in the last day made the news:

Daring reporter (and CompHyp friend) Adam Housley has a report on FOXNews about how the "narco's" are back to mule-packing across the border in Southern California. (They never really stopped, but these days their driving a 20 ton semi-trailer in with a full load is not really an option... so back to basics). The trick this time seems to be an attempt to use U.S. nationals as the mules, to avoid close inspection.

And then, right across the border from that report, the Mexican government scores a big win by bagging 58 suspects at a banquet, including Ángel Jácome Gamboa, who is wanted for the murder of 12 police officers in addition to charges of narco-trafficking. The raid was a Mexican Army-led Operation.


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