Tuesday, March 24, 2009

OOOH! More threats!

Forgive me if a look of abject terror is beyond me. Repetition dulls the reaction.

North Korea (officially the People's Democratic Republic of Korea; PDRK) has announced that
...attempts by members of the six-party talks on curbing the North's nuclear ambitions to impose fresh sanctions if it goes ahead with a planned rocket launch would "deprive the six-party talks of any ground to exist or their meaning."
As if the process was going anywhere.

Between the specific unwillingness of North Korea to answer to challenges regarding their kidnappings of Japanese nationals (and maybe now American nationals too) and their general unwillingness to do a single useful thing to advance the negotiations toward the stated goal of de-nuclearization, maybe it would be a very fine thing for the Six-Party talks to take a break.

How about then we shoot down their violation of the ballistic missile test ban...

...then we sanction them further for even trying to lob rockets around...

...and then we check to see if it is worth talking to the North Koreans?

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