Saturday, March 28, 2009

About that border security problem...

Here is one of those reports that the current chanting mob blaming Mexico's narco-terror and gang warfare on weapons said to originate in the U.S.A. just does not want to talk about very much...
Mexican drug cartels often use grenades in attacks, and many of the weapons are believed to be coming from Central America. But Morales said the grenades found at the camp originated in Mexico. He gave no details.

Blanco said the camp was located on a farm near the border with Mexico. Officials believe more than three dozen recruits were being taught how to ride motorcycles and fire at targets in moving cars.
That would be 500 grenades confiscated, by the way.

Five Hundred.

Not a one of which could have been legally obtained in the U.S.A. by ordinary means.

So yes, there is a border security problem, and yes it goes both ways. Handguns would be a notable example of what Mexico does not want to see coming back south from the United States. But as long as one is going to worry about border security (and one should!), let's continue to show some concern about all of Mexico's borders. Doing more to see to the secure possession of Mexican Army weapons would be of value as well.

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