Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recognizing Reality

A very, very good speech today from Asou souri (Prime Minister T. Aso of Japan) at the graduation ceremony of the National Defense Academy, as reported in the Yomiuri newspaper (source in Japanese). Here is a summary report from AFP on the same (source in English).

The speech recognized several important factors, including that with the current management in the U.S.A. making noises about Defense cuts in the 10~25% range Japan had best both close ranks with the Americans on Defense Cooperation and see to our own matters of providing for the National Defense. Now, in fairness, Japan has an almost incontestable military advantage right now at sea and in the air, and has the luxury of planning only for defensive operations, but changes over the last decade in the capabilities of potential threats means a continued effort need be maintained.
"For us to assure peace and stability in Japan, it is extremely important to further strengthen the Japan-US alliance as well as to make its own efforts for self defence."
Beautiful words. Let's see if the funding remains in the budget to back them up.

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L.Douglas Garrett said...

Tangentially Related:

An otherwise informative article from the AP on the general topic of Japan's military, marred by the unfathomable portrayal of Camp Makomanai as an "outpost in the snow-covered mountains"...

um... Mr. Talmadge... JGSDF Camp Makomanai is located in the southern edge of Sapporo City. Even their training range is basically within the general city area. Hardly a trek to the nearest convenience store.