Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday Evening Push

There will likely be no other new discussion threads today, mostly to allow me time to work on the Weekly piece.

Lots of things left to do with the existing discussion threads, and I'll be around to comment on them too. Rather than posting an "Open" thread this weekend, this thread is left open to comments to fill any needs for that sort of thing. It will take a pretty compelling event to require a stand-alone Open Thread anytime soon, I believe. So enjoy here as you choose and the usual rules still apply; play nice.

This is looking to be a busy week, but stay around for various items as they come in:

.Japan has its very own political "donation" scandal going, and this might derail I. Ozawa and the Democratic Party of Japan from their plans to finally win a general election.

..Hugo Chavez has been on a property-expropriation binge this last week. What is going to get seized this week, and how much will arepas cost then. hm?

...Presidential Election time in El Salvador. ARENA vs. FMLN for the big prize this go-round. Polls on the 15th.

....North Korean home rocketry experiments.

Should be, if not else, another exciting time.

As always, thank you for coming here!

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