Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank you, Captain Obvious

In one of those moments where she must have thought *it needed to be said*, U.S. Secretary of State H. Clinton announced that "Japan has every right to protect and defend its territory".

No kidding, we do?

Oh, thank you for stating the obvious, Madam Secretary.


What, you want congratulations or something?


Same report (linked above) also includes the usual North Korean grandstanding about how if Japan intercepts the upcoming North Korean missile launch, they (North Korea's Army) "will consider this as the start of Japan's war of re-invasion more than six decades after the Second World War and mercilessly destroy all its interceptor means and citadels with the most powerful military means". -- source: KCNA



We get to take over that miserable piece of territory (again) after letting the Kim Il-sung / Kim Jong-il / Kim Next-guy show make it into a shambles for 50+ years?

No, thanks.

Wouldn't want it, wouldn't take it. Even if they paid us.


That's right.

They don't *have* any money.

That's what the whole missiles / bombs / blackmail scam of the North Koreans is about.

Kind of implies that the North Korean definition of "the most powerful military means" is not too fearsome either.

...because it seems pretty clear that if they thought they could get away with destroying Japan, they would have tried it a long time ago.


Mr. Bill said...

Aw, come on, LDG, each part of the world needs its own clown. We get SecState HRC and you get...

I'm so ronery...

L.Douglas Garrett said...

@Mr. Bill

Heh, we have our share here as well. The difference, to paraphase an old quote, is that gnereally speaking 'while we have such fools in our country, too, we don't let them go out in the world'.

At least, not much.

Karl Reisman said...

"who Painted it?" that's going to go down in infamy. HRC .. she's really that much of a doof. However that didnt' offend me as much as the droopping of the use of Global War on Terror as the name of the current conflict. However the oncompetancy of the current government makes me smile.