Thursday, March 12, 2009

Madagascar goes over the edge

There has been a week of disturbances, leading to rioting and now Army mutinies... least 135 people dead... one quite sure who is in control of the military or the government... reports, the Defense Minister 'quit' yesterday (that makes two in a month)...

...and now it is time for the Embassy calls for foreign nationals to get out of the country.


How was that for making a prediction, huh?


Mr. Bill said...

All this, and for some people their only reaction will be, "but what of the price of vanilla?!?"

L.Douglas Garrett said...

@Mr Bill

Yeah, if that. Sad but true that even in our "new" globalized world, more people than not are just not interested in things so remote from their daily lives.

Perhaps at heart folks are still '18th Century Bavarian Farmers'... who famously (but apocryphally) are said to have never traveled or heard news from farther away than 15 miles (~23 km) from their home villages during their entire lives, but lived happier lives for that simplicity.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


Seems that the Army mutineers consider having all the Army's tanks under their control is an important part of UN SecGen Ban Ki-moon's call for discussions as the only way to end things.

I for one have always found having all the tanks helpful in establishing my negotiating position.