Thursday, March 26, 2009

IAEA Directorship election undecided

The election to select the replacement for Director General Mohamed ElBaradei of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has failed to give the required 2/3 majority needed to either candidate. The voting will be continued tomorrow.

The two candidates are:

Amano Yukiya (Y. Amano), the current Japanese Ambassador to the Permanent Mission to the International Organizations of the U.N. at Vienna. He has spent the bulk of his career working on non-proliferation issues. Personal Profile from Wiki-p here.


Abdul Samad Minty, the current IAEA Governor for South Africa and a man of shall-we-say a bit of history. Personal Profile from here. (PMG is the Parliamentary Monitoring Group of the committees of the South African Parliament, an non-governmental organization.)

There should be no choice here, but given A.S. Minty's lifetime place in various U.N. activities it seems that makes him a viable candidate...

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L.Douglas Garrett said...


The second day of voting has also failed to reach a decision.

...not a huge surprise, as only one IAEA chief in history ever was elected in the first selection session, but still frustrating.

The call has gone out to the Board of Governors to offer candidates for the next try.

Good News: expect Y. Amano to run in the next session.

Maybe better news: A.S. Minty likely won't.