Thursday, March 5, 2009


...let this man anywhere near the NIE process in the American Intelligence community.

*Here* is a brief series of reasons why, conveniently summarized.

There are more.


KC-Fresno, Ca. said...

OMG - I cannot even believe this - my blood pressure is sooooo high right now - I think I have a fever. Not only should he be vetted correctly - he MUST also take a polygraph test to see if he can be trusted with our security. This is very scary indeed. This current cabinet and those still to be nominated is a complete farce.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


...calm serves the purpose better.

No further "vetting" is needed on this example. Just don't give him the job (or any other that would require a clearance).

I wouldn't paint the entire Cabinet with so broad a brush, but if your intent is to say that the Cabinet-selection process has been farcical... well, you might win that claim.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


By the way, this just broke:

Democratic Senators expressing concerns about Freeman.

h/t to Marie for passing it to me.

Marie said...

Just a little addition from Hot Air. The vetting process again falls flat on its face. Either that, or this is the road our foreign policy will take from now on.

"Talk about a failure in vetting! Dennis Blair’s choice to head the National Intelligence Council and to create the critical NIEs that guide our security policies looks worse by the day. Martin Kramer gives his analysis of Freeman and finds a Saudi apologist — and a card-carrying member of the Blame America crowd:" see today's Hot Air blog.

L.Douglas Garrett said...

For once in this whole damn process...


Chas Freeman Appointment Withdrawn.