Sunday, March 8, 2009

Real IRA takes a cheap shot; gets lucky

Twelve years of trying: bombs; infiltrations; the occasional political murder attempt -- not a success... until now.

In the Northern Ireland of today, a land in the main at peace, two British Army Engineers were killed, two others of their fellows wounded, as were two civilians in a "guns-only" attack run by the Real IRA (one of the remaining "dissident" Provo groups still under arms). It wasn't against deployed forces: it was from a commandeered taxi driven close to a basing area.

The young soldiers killed and wounded were receiving a pizza delivery at the gate of the base at the time of the attack.

Update: more details here.

Side Notes:
The statement from Sir Hugh Orde regarding a request for SRR assets to be deployed is likely not of direct relevance to this attack. The knowledge that attack-risk was rising may have influenced his decision to ask for such support, however.

The SRR is the modern-day incarnation of JCU (NI), 14 Int Co. Royal Army that was of great service to the Kingdom during the 'Troubles. It is now a part of United Kingdom Special Forces.

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L.Douglas Garrett said...


The Continuity IRA (another "dissenting" IRA group) claims responsibility for the killing of constable Stephen Carroll in another effort to disturb The Peace.

*If* so, they are using shooters who were not even born when the 'Troubles were full-on.