Sunday, March 1, 2009


loosely translated from the Japanese: "I'm Home".

Which means we are back in action here at CompHyp as of Monday's traffic and The Weekly N&C.

Thanks for waiting, folks. Yes, even you North Koreans. Now try not to drop this one in short (again).


For your amusement, a small personal note: The Entry Hall to Immigration Control at Narita New Tokyo International Airport has (over the entrance from the arrival gates) an English-language sign reading "Welcome to Japan" and a Japanese-language sign reading okaerinasai ("please be home"; functionally = "welcome home"). I always make a point of echoing back the set-phrase part of the exchange, tadaima, as I pass under it which occasionally results in a bit of cognitive dissonance on the part of observers... a glance at my photograph posted with this weblog might give you a hint as to why.


KC-Fresno, Ca. said...

Welcome home and I hope your travels were of a happy nature. Missed ya

And yes, I get a visual of you saying "tadaima" and being looked at oddly - lol

I kept getting an error with this post so hopefully, this just comes thru once - sorry

L.Douglas Garrett said...


Thank you. Yes, it was mostly of a happy nature. Saw some very good friends and family along the way.

Just getting back up to speed on life here again.