Monday, March 16, 2009

Malagasy Army intervenes on the rebel side

Reports are just coming in of Army tanks being used to break into the grounds of the Presidential Palace in Antananarivo, Madagascar.

While the Army, and many of the people, are supporting the opposition forces, the African Union has come out against any non-democratic (coup d'etat) solution to the disorder in Madagascar:
The African Union condemned what it called an attempted coup by the opposition and urged the people of Madagascar to respect the constitution.

"The situation in Madagascar is an internal conflict. It is an attempted coup d'etat. We condemn the attempted coup d'etat," Edouard Alo-Glele, Benin's envoy to Ethiopia, said after an emergency meeting of the AU's Peace and Security Council.
Beautiful words, yes, but is anyone in Antananarivo listening?


L.Douglas Garrett said...


It seems that the President is trying to give over power to the Army, rather than to his rivals.

Any bets on whether the ploy will work?

L.Douglas Garrett said...

2nd Follow-Up:

Didn't work.

The Army has handed power to the Opposition.

Now let's see if this restores order anytime soon.