Friday, March 27, 2009

If he can back up those words...

...then *this* is the best news to come out of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) in a very, very long time:
"This government is aware that most of the ongoing disruptions of agricultural production, which are being done in the name of the land reform process, are actually acts of theft," Mr Tsvangirai told a meeting of diplomats, civic society and business leaders, in one of his first public appearances since the death of his wife in a car crash earlier this month.

"Those continuing to undertake these activities will be arrested and face justice in the courts.

"I have tasked the minister of home affairs to ensure that all crimes are acted upon and the perpetrators arrested and charged."
The problem, besides the obvious matter that President R. Mugabe's thugs are the ones doing the land invasions, is that there are currently *two* Home Affairs Ministers in the unity government... one from Mugabe's ZANU-PF; one from Tsvangirai's MDC.

No bets on whether either has real authority over the police, or if both will heed the directions of Prime Minister M. Tsvangirai.

If this does end the invasions, wonderful.

If this becomes a breaking point that shows the world the unity government is a sham to keep Mugabe and Co. in power, good enough.

Either end the invasions (and return those previously stolen properties), or end the sham and let's get back to evicting the really unwelcome resident: R. Mugabe.

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