Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Sad Remembrance

It is already the 20th here, and the Metropolitan Subway of Toukyou (Tokyo, Japan)has held the 14th Anniversary of the Subway Nerve Gas Terror Attack.

Further reminder that the engine of terrorism is Fanaticism, and that the bravest defenders are those that selflessly first-respond... and that fear can paralyze even the best ambulance / rescue teams when they are up against a mysterious disaster.

It was the second major nerve gas attack perpetrated by AUM Shinrikyo, although that fact was not well understood at the time.

General Information on the Subway Attack from Wiki-p; General Information on the previous attack at Matsumoto. As always, source all Wikipedia citations.

AUM Shinrikyo remains in operation as a "religious" group, under the name Aleph. They are still listed on the U.S. State Department List of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, and are under continuous Special Observation by law enforcement agencies in Japan.

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