Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zelaya magic: disappearing money

Make of this what you will, but after hearing and seeing so many difficult-to-document claims of financial malfeasance and narco-trafficking ties aimed at the ousted-president. Mr. Manuel Zelaya, formerly of Honduras... is more than a little satisfying to see a well documented and provable case of multimillion US$ theft by Zelaya and crew.

Now let's see the rest of the evidence on the pre-rigged vote totals, the narco-trafficking relationships, and other abuses of public funds.

While they are at it, some explanation and some names as to the real reason why and by who Zelaya was allowed to be exiled from the country in the first place.

Because it certainly *looks* like " 'anging is too good for 'im ".

Let's be absolutely sure.

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