Sunday, July 12, 2009

Honduras curfew lifted; talks go on

The curfew that was imposed in the wake of the forcible removal of M. Zelaya from the Presidency and the wave of violent protests orchestrated to oppose that move has been lifted. Life there has at least a moment of normalcy.

The talks (they really aren't negotiations yet) being held by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias to seek an agreed resolution to the situation go on. The Micheletti administration in Honduras has even considered the possibility of amnesty after trial for Zelaya. (Spanish-language source)

Daniel at Venezuela News and Views reads these turns of events as a defeat all across the board for the Chavez-led Zelaya-fronted faction. He thinks the biggest casualty of all this will be J. M. Insulza, the Secretary General of the OAS (and often-apologist for H. Chavez). Mr. Insulza is likely not gathering much support for a new term as SecGen by his performance in this affair. The irony is that by failing to be fair, the U.S.A. lost what faith it had in him, and yet by failing as a useful idiot agent of their agenda, the Venezuelan government will likely not support his re-selection either.

Couldn't happen to a more appropriate fellow, as far as this author is concerned.

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