Friday, July 17, 2009

This is negotiating?

Mediator-in-Chief Oscar Arias must be turning a new-found shade of purple right now...

Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is just not letting up on the "Zelaya is returning" claims. This morning, he came up with Manuel Zelaya would return to his country "in the coming hours".

Given the reports in Honduran newspapers of a supposed insurgency attempt to go along with such a return, it is rather unlikely that any return attempt is going to be greeted with a pleasant 'welcome home'... more likely, a pleasant 'you are under arrest'.


Karl Reisman said...

Oh, if you thinkg tht's juicy, wait till you read this:

The Computers siezed by the honduran govenrment in the former residence of Zalaya had on them the "certified results" of the election that never happened showing a heavy turn out in favor of the afore mentioned Zalaya. This is rich..


L.Douglas Garrett said...

@Karl Reisman

Well, yes and no. It has so far only been reported primary-source by El Heraldo of Honduras, which is a partisan source. I handled the original report on this the day before yesterday, and made this reply privately in regard to it:

The open challenge to that is going to be "they've had time to fabricate evidence".

Here's hoping the DNIC is sitting on a lot of untouched potential evidence, under proper seal, and an arrangement like the Raul Reyes computer investigation can be made with an outside auditor.

caveat: I do believe the report. It is simply part of what I do to consider alternative interpretations.