Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bombings in Spain

The car-bombing on Wednesday, up in the north of Spain in Burgos, is being pinned on the armed wing of the ETA (Basque Homeland and Freedom) organization. They've certainly got a history of doing such, especially targeting the Guardia Civil (Spanish gendarmerie; paramilitary police), and that bombing hit a GC barracks housing area. The attribution is in part based on the knowledge that the ETA armed wing has several vans prepared as bombs:
The minister said the van had used false license plates and had probably been stolen in France. He said no warning call had been received and no group had yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but said it bore the hallmarks of Eta.

After the detention of three Eta suspects in southern France earlier this month, Spanish security services put out an alert for three vans which had been loaded with explosives by a commando group in France.
Now comes another attack...

This one hit a GC barracks on Mallorca (Majorca; an island in the Balearics). Two GC officers were killed and there are several wounded.

Local authorities on Mallorca are yet to provide any details of the attack.

This is going to get a reaction. The Balearic Islands are a major part of Spain's tourism industry, and attacks that threaten to disrupt that are not going to be treated the same way "regional instability" is handled up in Basque Territory.



All transport links in and out of Mallorca are now closed.
Police ordered that no planes, ships or pleasure boats leave the island while they hunted for the bombers.

It was thought that at least 300 flights due to leave Majorca on Thursday would be affected by the blockade.

Meanwhile, incoming flights were being diverted.
The report also has this bombing as a planted device (on a patrol car) detonated upon the presence of the two officers.

More on this as more comes in.

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