Friday, July 17, 2009

Indonesia Hotel Bombings

This is still a developing story, so for the moment the most convenient sources are wire service reports like this from the AP.

What is known so far:

The explosives were relatively small (transportable), not vehicle based. The attacks were not complex (no armed raiders; apparently no secondary devices to target responders).

Two bombs went off in Hotels in Jakarta, Indonesia. Both were detonated well inside the hotel buildings (the restaurant of the Ritz-Carlton; the basement of the JW Marriott). 9 8* dead, over 50 wounded.

One additional unexploded device is reported to have been found.

The rest of what news is out there is mostly guesswork.

Security in Jakarta is on high alert for any follow-up strikes, and precautions are being taken in countries throughout the region.

*later reports confirm only 8 dead.

Still seeing mostly guesswork in later reports.

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