Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Prayers -- Freedom for Iran

Former President Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani will lead Friday Prayers in Tehran today. Mir Hussein Mousavi is to attend. Mehdi Karoubi's spokesman says he will attend.
Pamphlets are circulating describing July 17 as "the promised day" and saying "the Green Wave should rise up." Supporters of Iran's "Green" movement, which backed Musavi's bid for the presidency, are describing the significance of this week's Friday Prayers as "epic."

It is difficult to predict what will come out of the event.
Understatement of the week, that last part.

This could be decisive, one way or the other.


Three reports on how it has gone:

from the Financial Times.

from the AP.

from the Times (UK).


Saturday Update:

Rafsanjani has apparently been labeled as an enemy of the regime for his sermon at Friday Prayers, and at least one threat of legal action against him has been written.

Several excellent reports on the day, with lots of video and photo evidence, from Raye Man Kojast? (where is my vote?). Look for threads there source-dated "Tehran July 17th"; there are several in a row.

The movement for Freedom in Iran is not dead. It is, for now, being very, *very* careful.



Karl Reisman said...

Apparently a few protestors grew big brass ones, and marched in front of the Interior Ministry. So it's apparently "on" again. Good luck to them.


Karl Reisman said...