Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mugabe feigns calls for ending political violence.

The current President of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), Robert Mugabe, has made a habit of calling for an end to political violence recently. He made this statement back in March. It was for show. He made this statement on the 24th of July. Bets are it was all for show as well, and it was implied to only count for the "three peace days" of the 24th~26th.

This is what is really happening:
Mugabe declared three "peace days" from 24 to 26 July "to observe the prevailing peace, [and] promote the ideals of national healing and reconciliation", but in the rural provinces of Mashonaland West, East and Central, Masvingo and Manicaland - once ZANU-PF strongholds - supporting the MDC still carries the risk of a beating.

Morgan Komichi, a senior MDC official involved in rural organization, told IRIN that ZANU-PF violence was increasing as the party went about shoring up its support ahead of the elections expected to take place once a new constitution has been agreed.


"What is happening is that ZANU-PF is rolling out its machinery of violence in order to intimidate the population ahead of the constitution making-process; it is a constitutional battle," Komichi said.
Read the whole report, please. It pulls no punches.

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