Sunday, July 12, 2009

Looks bad for the LDP

That may be an understatement (the title, above), as things have looked precarious for months now for the jiyuuminshutou (Liberal Democratic Party, LDP) in the run up to the mandatory call for Parliamentary Elections this autumn.

They've lost 4 local elections of late, and it looks like they are going to get creamed in the big city as results of today's toukyou (Tokyo) Metropolitan Council Election are coming in.

Add that to the general consensus that the administration got a whole lot of nashi (nothing) out of the G8 meetings in Italy this last week, and there isn't a lot of happy going on right now in LDP headquarters.

The fact that the exchange rate for the en (Yen) to the US$ has crept into the 92 range and the entire export portion of the economy is based on numbers more like 105~115... it is a very bad thing to be an export-based manufacturer in Japan right now... and they are blaming the administration as well.

Consider this a warning of an impending mid-Summer change-of-management. It may come earlier than the usual end of August this time. It had better be a heck of a change, or the coming Parliamentary Elections could be an overwhelming landslide for the opposition minshutou (Democratic Party of Japan, DPJ).

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