Thursday, July 9, 2009

ZANU-PF toys with Constitutional reform

No surprise that the ZANU-PF party of Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) are doing every thing in their power to undermine the Unity Government...

No surprise that would involve trying to extend Robert Mugabe's Presidency for another 10 years without another election...

The only surprise is that anyone in any other political party in the country would be surprised at any gamesmanship on the part of the ZANU-PF.
"ZANU(PF) wanted us to postpone it indefinitely," Douglas Mwonzora, head of the parliamentary select committee to produce the draft,said after a meeting with MPs. "I don't understand the strategic importance of a delay. We tried to make sense of it."
Very well, at least enough sense was made to only delay the committee meeting until Monday. But if the opposition doesn't recognize that the ploy is to allow time for arm-twisting to force a consideration of *only* the Kariba draft, not an open Constitutional drafting, then someone hasn't been paying attention.

It shall be fortunate if arm-twisting is the only pressure applied to get what the ZANU-PF wants.

This Unity Government is a sham. The sooner something is done to end it, and end ZANU-PF control of the elements of power in the country, the better.

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