Friday, July 24, 2009

Items in brief

Something to watch for:

M. Zelaya is making a show of trying to enter Honduras. Is this a gift to the interim Government of Honduras, who recognizes now they should have arrested him at the start of this, or is Zelaya just trying to get another of member of his "supporting demonstrators" killed?

Something to watch out for:

If you see a bunch of Hezbollah members digging storage bunkers in your neighborhood, you can safely presume they aren't for cold-storing goat cheese. Heck of job the UNIFIL is doing, catching this... of course, the enormous explosion might have tipped them off.

Something to watch, if you are Japanese:

With the run-up to the next Lower House Election underway, and the control of the administration of the Government of Japan at stake, it sure is good to see The Japan Times put this Page One, above the fold, today. Clearly, this is further evidence that having anko filling the space between your ears is no impediment to popular success, which should hearten the members of political classes everywhere.


Susan said...

so I heard-- Zelaya-- I need to go back and read your preceding posts- I also sent you an email-- hopefullly, someone will come here and visit as I think his comments would be valuable!

Ms. Gollinger has been a very busy busybody on her blog!

Susan said...


Susan said...

well after his silly attempt to step on Honduras soil, he is now back in Nicaragua-- stating to give negotiations another try.

He seems to be using coca which Morales likes to send out--

Zelaya, whose terms ends in January, said his reinstatement is necessary to preserve democracy...

(what is his definition of democracy?)

L.Douglas Garrett said...


I look forward to your guests. Thank you!

re: "...silly attempt..."

M. Zelaya is proving to be a less than reliable tool for the forces of Chavismo.

Your suspicions as to his erratic behavior may not be too far off the mark. Remains to be seen if (when) the Government of Honduras figures out how to undo exiling him long enough to arrest him and try the cases against him; that may well be part of what comes out.