Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brazil signs on for that Nuclear Submarine

In an EURO 8.6 billion (~US$12 billion) arms deal, Brazil has gained technology transfer and co-production assistance on the purchase of 50 EC725 helicopters and 5 submarines, #5 of that procurement to be nuclear-powered.

We've mentioned here, before, about how important it is for Brazil to feel capable of its own defense, and how friendly countries should find ways to help.

This is a huge leap forward in manufacturing technology for Brazil, and a marked improvement in military capabilities (when they are all delivered).

Heck of a successful sales visit, President Sarkozy.

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Karl Reisman said...

Well at least the French are more than competant at Nucelar design these days. I'd say Good fo Brazil. They are showing us how it's supposed to be done. If ony we could allow imports of alcool fuel from there to here, to make ethanol competative (though Methanol and Buterol seem to have a much better energy delivery than regular Ethanol). Brazil actually also seem very politically stable unlike a lot fo the rest of South America. A pleasant, capitalist country with hot women makes for a much beter cultural and political leader, than Hugoi and Evo and the other hairy socialists. IMO.