Thursday, December 11, 2008

Going a-Hunting Ashore?

Good news: It looks like the U.S. is willing to champion a UN Security Council resolution to empower the international efforts against Somali Pirates to engage in land operations. Better yet, the Somali Transitional Federal Government is in full support of the proposed plan.

Bad news: The TFG may well have encouraged this resolution (and they did send two letters almost begging for UN action over the last weeks) because they are up to their eyebrows in problems of their own. The Islamic Courts Union anti-government Islamists have fought their way into the edges of Mogadishu as of this morning, and the Ethiopian allies of the TFG are already planning for a 2009 pull-out.

Going to be an exciting New Year, to say the least.

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L.Douglas Garrett said...


The UNSC has approved the resolution.

Now it remains to be seen what, if anything, various nations are willing to do.