Friday, December 26, 2008

Anybody else seeing this as a failure of focus?

Pakistani Army is reported to be diverting troops away from the FATA and Northwest Frontier, as of today. The redeployment is to the Indian border, supposedly to dissuade India from any reprisals for the Mumbai terror attack.

This takes some of the heat off the Pakistani Taliban, and is likely just what the terrorists who planned the Mumbai attacks intended.



L.Douglas Garrett said...

More on this from Reuters AlertNet:

Report regarding the redeployments.

U.S. Government statement from the NSC spokesman.

Karl Reisman said...
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Karl Reisman said...

I think this is exactly the reason for the Mumbai attacks, to throw a wrench into the peace talks between India an Pakistan, as the current leader of Pakistan was warming to India, but the militants want no peace, and want the Taliban given a freer hand to operate against infidels. this was brough up about a week ago and I could not falut the logic.

maxkon88 said...

Damn, the Indians were played and they fell right for it.
We have to understand why and for what aim the terrorists do what they do if we want to defeat them.