Thursday, December 18, 2008

Heh. If it were my call, I'd think about accepting...

This story was going to be let slide by, as it really is mostly just protests by the used-car cartels in Russia' Primorye region (the Maritimes; Vladivostok and the Amur river cities) against the government of V. Putin and D. Medvedev. New tax on imported used-cars to try and protect western Russian car-makers from competition. Thing is, there is not much real employment in Primorye to speak of... other than importing and refitting Japanese used cars.

But, in the widely distributed Reuters version of the story, was this little gem:
The crowd chanted: "Putin, resign!" and there were several banners that were critical of the prime minister. "Mr Putin you are carried in a Mercedes, not a Volga, are you not a patriot?" one banner asked.

Another banner called for Vladivostok, acquired by Russia from China in the mid-19th century, to be given to Japan.

(bold added for emphasis)

Ho Ho Ho. I have got to get me a copy of the picture of those banners. It would be just the thing to hang out the next time Foreign Minister S. Lavrov comes to Toukyou (Tokyo) to negotiate about the Northern Territories and a Peace Treaty.

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