Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Somalia TFG on the brink

This example item of full-on demonstrable stupidity came in yesterday:

As the TFG's Security forces desert (roughly 80% gone now), the Islamists set up shop in Mogadishu, the Ethiopians have said they are out at the end of the year and the AU "peacekeeping" forces plan a hasty retreat...

President Abdullahi Yusuf fired his Prime Minister, triggering a political test. The TFG Parliament then quickly declared the move illegal and voted overwhelmingly to support (former?-) Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein.

Great timing there, boss.

The Government of Kenya is now so outraged that that they have placed international sanctions on President Yusuf. The AU negotiator claims it was a move to prevent further negotiation with the less-extreme of the Islamists.

A. Yusuf then clearly feels this is an ideal time to get on with political infighting, to hell with the country, declared today he was appointing a new Prime Minister.

Give this a few more days like today and piracy will be the least of the World's problems with Somalia.

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