Friday, December 12, 2008

Starting to look like a good investment

As of just before midnight (0000hrs 13.Dec local), the reports have the en (JPY)-to-the-US$ rates just under ~90.40. The bailout-mania in Washington D.C. has taken its toll again.

Even with the risks of the American economy, and political intervention therein, the situation is almost one where if one is holding JPY right now, finding something worth buying that is priced in US$ is almost too good to be missed.

Yes, that goes for Corporate Investments as well (but if you are planning to buy General Motors, do wait a bit).

No, this simply can not last long. The enormous fraction of the Japanese economy that is based on US$-denominated trade can not endure prolonged periods of sub-100 exchange. I would argue that sub-110 is unsupportable. That means we will soon be back to open intervention by Nihon Ginkou (Nippon Ginko; Bank of Japan) like we had twice a year in the 1990's~2004 period.

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