Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"...I hope you have a new year in good health."

Today is the 75th birthday of Tennou Heika, the reigning Emperor of Japan (known as Emperor Akihito in foreign media), and even though His Majesty is not in the best of health he did make his public appearance today.
Alongside the emperor, Empress Michiko, Crown Prince Naruhito and his wife Crown Princess Masako, Prince Akishino and his wife Princess Kiko greeted the public.

In the afternoon, the emperor is to receive celebratory messages from Prime Minister Taro Aso and representatives from legislative, administrative and judicial chiefs.
May you also be well and enjoy the new year, Your Majesty.

(May your glory be known for) Ten Thousand Years (ever)!


Karl Reisman said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, LDG< Here;'s something for the Mrs. to enjoy. it's a bit of a web sensation here, a Home town boy of yorus makes an international star :-)



L.Douglas Garrett said...

@Karl Reisman

Thank you kindly, and best to you and yours as well.

link dutifully forwarded to the Mrs. ...bet she'll love it.