Thursday, January 22, 2009

Admiral Dennis C. Blair, nominee to the post of Director of National Intelligence for the Obama administration, says in his confirmation hearing that "Intelligence should find ways to work with Iran".

Guess that implies a Tunb al Kubra joint water skiing club, right?

Oh, brother. I sure hope that quote was taken out of context.


Karl Reisman said...

Well I Hope that is a flub, We
've been having a lot of flubs this week, and Obama's Executoive orders aren't making me a happy camper either. We don't need charismatic Imams evangelizing amongst the grievance crowd in US Prisons, I hope a week of NS Briefings might give Obama pause, but after reading Dick Morris's Op-Ed My Optimism is in hasty retreat

Susan said...

Yes to Karl--

His pen happy with the Executive Orders, GTMO, for example-- he wants it closed in one year but has
no back up plan as to where now is making me think he is acting on too much haste-- too quickly-

It is making me muy nerviosa!

I hope he doesn't have ADD so he does not forget what he is trying to do in five minutes! LOL