Saturday, January 31, 2009

It is like 1977, all over again.

They can pull US$2 trillion out of thin air for dubious-to-say-the-least purposes, but there is no water in the well for Defense.

Defense gets cut. Not the war-supplemental funding (although that is likely gone soon too); the baseline budget for the whole Department of Defense.


The Obama administration is positioning itself with the cabinet picks for SecState and UNAmbassador to be even *more* interventionist in foreign affairs than the Bush 43 administration was, and yet the planning documents for expenditures from Fiscal 2010 on are on the chopping block.

Why does it smell like peanuts in here all of the sudden?


Susan said...

I know-- I am getting nervous--- I had more hopes, illusions, Obama would not be such a screw-up--- but as the days keep coming and he keeps being pen happy, I am getting anxious!

Susan said...

Wall Street had a good article a few days ago-- The Stimulus Time Machine--

(I forgot how to insert a link)

L.Douglas Garrett said...

Here's a hot version of that link:

The Stimulus Time Machine.

...and yes, that is a *very* good article. The link therein to Robert Barro's article is also of great value.

Thank you, Susan!

Susan said...

your hot version and mine are the same~ LOL--- and ditto!

Karl Reisman said...

That and the stimulus Package is nothing but payoffs mostly to liberal constituencies, with a minor amount of tax cuts. But with the U.S> now a Single party State, we are getting that sort of government's command economy. Tax Cuts work, Pork just makes more corruption.


Karl Reisman said...

..and if it's 1977, who's living room are we going to play "Treveller" in?

Patty said...

yes, im a few days late.

I want to know if it's 1977....who's couch has the stash under it??!!! haha, those were the days~

Just wanted to say hiya. I do still lurk around.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


Heh, "Traveller"... I *got* that game at Origins in NYC that very summer. Thanks for the happy memory, compadre.


Hehhehheh, you silly.

Great to see you comment, and thanks for the lurking!

KC-Fresno, Ca. said...


L.Douglas Garrett said...


It is not as bad for DoD as it looked when this thread was written...

"In fact, as Congressional Quarterly reports, the Obama administration has given the Pentagon a $527 billion limit for nonwar spending, up 8% from the $487.7 billion allocated for fiscal 2009.

"The "cut" is arrived at by comparing the $527 billion proposed with a $584 billion draft fiscal 2010 budget request compiled by the Joint Chiefs last fall. The $527 billion actually matches what the Bush administration estimated last year for defense in 2010."

-- source IBD, citing several others.

...but it still smells like peanuts in here.


HI WELCOME... er.. Hi, welcome back! Here's hoping scared is all we were.