Friday, January 9, 2009

The Open Thread

Here is your open thread for the next 7 days.

That which is not a thread topic, goes here. Also, any topic you want to bring back from the dead or any suggestions for a new topic, goes here.

caveat: the usual rules apply.

Answers to last week's trivia are posted at the end of last weeks's Open Thread.

Thanks for playing!


L.Douglas Garrett said...

Oh, this is an amusing report:

Worse, I understand it was delicious.

Subtle and yet snide, with a hint of burned Syrian pride.

Anonymous said...

Well Doug, you won the Bet. But as I contended, they were "going to" but.. Damn. This is disappointing.

I do not expect "The One" to allow this either. With the U.S. Abstaining on Jan. 8th. Israel is kinda screwed at the moment.


L.Douglas Garrett said...


Scott, mi compadre, there are some bets I'd rather not win.

Thing is, there was one bit of leakage that implied that the infiltration / sabatoge effort had been pulled back. (Dutch-language source I had to send to a reader, but I'd post it for you if you'd like).