Saturday, January 3, 2009

Third time through

In Ghana, the NDC party are back in power. This party, which has languished in the opposition for two elections and eight years since founder and former President J. Rawlings left power in compliance with constitutional limits, has played by the rules and won through. Their rivals, the NPP, also played fair and lost by only the barest of margins.

This is all very fine, as for once the parties are little different on policy and mostly simply quantify some existing political rivalries in the country. But getting a party into that is strongly anti-corruption and anti-smuggling seems to have been a big part of the choice.

I know we shrug our shoulders and say "T.I.A." a lot around this weblog, especially about West Africa. And yes, this wasn't a flawless election. None the less, this time let's amend that standing comment:

"This Is how Africa should be."

Bravo, Ghana! Congratulations, President-elect John Atta Mills.

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