Thursday, January 29, 2009

Be right back

I've been obliged elsewhere for a couple of days, and just got back in here.

Things will return to regular postings here on Friday.

Thank you for your patience, and for those who asked, your concerns.


Susan said...

GO CARDINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

L.Douglas Garrett said...

Heh, living dangerously there; coming into my yard and yelling some noise...

((big grin))

Should be a heck of a game. Have a great time, Susan.

I'll be cheering for my 'ol home team Steelers, though.

Susan said...

Well, LDG-- YOUR hometown won--- if that Holmes had been a bit more slippery with his feet, the Cardinals might have pulled it off-

So you sit in Japan and gloat all you want... grr!

I will sit here in AZ and use a finger directed to you-- and guess which one?


L.Douglas Garrett said...

Gloat? When one's team almost gets run off the field in the 4th Quarter? Naw...

That was a great game, and Pittburgh was rather fortunate to pull off the victory.