Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aw, they've got to be kidding

Tractor Parts???

Oh, come on. That is straight out of Basic Cargo Mislabeling for Fun and Profit. That has got to be about the oldest trick in the Smuggler's Handbook.

Heck, I think I even used it once.


Mr. Bill said...

You DID use it at least once. But it was in a game. Of course, you could have used it in a game and taken it from a real experience, to make the game experience feel more real. Or maybe you used it in a game as an example of what someone else did in a real experience to make the game experience feel more real. Something like that.

L.Douglas Garrett said...

Farm Machinery


That *was* in a game, and you were playing. Given how long ago that was, I'd be willing to say its use in-game was based (if on anything real) on "someone else" in real life.

Karl Reisman said...

Well I think we were more creative then in those games, Like the one time we ran an operation from a converted Milk Truck.

"Happy Cow Farms! Mooooo!"