Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not exactly showing neighborly thoughts

The North Korean Government is not exactly showing neighborly good manners right now, and it seems the various voices in the international media think these intentions are to do something to "get the attention" of the incoming American government.

Could be.

Could also be that the North Korean regime is really, really, annoyingly, persistently, with-out-fail stupid.

Sure, they could cause a lot of damage to the Republic of Korea; Shortly thereafter the ROK Armed Forces would come north with an attitude not seen since the Soviets got into German territory at the end of WWII.

Bets are the North Koreans know that too. I say they are bluffing.


Karl Reisman said...

It looks like a "poker Bluff" to me. or "brandishing with intent to attract attention". If no major movements have been detected, then it's probably a bluff.


L.Douglas Garrett said...


It is WTC time in the North now. (winter training cycle)

One reason for the timing is that the Northerners are halfway through that readiness process and *are* moving some formations around a bit.

(If I recall correctly) that goes roughly: December = tactical / individual; January = operational elements; February = divisional; all leading up to March = front-level intergrated exercises.

I've always been interested in the possiblity of what the North Koreans could do without much mobilization, though.

maxkon88 said...

Just remember MacArthur thought the Chinese were bluffing, and that was the first American defeat.

L.Douglas Garrett said...


oh, well struck!

I shall do my best to avoid such a misapprehension, thanks.

Susan said...


you are so smart!

Susan said...


You do speak the correct English--

Your~ I shall do my best to avoid such a misapprehension

I would have said~ I will do my best to avoid such a f--- up! LOL

Yes, the English language has been severed, but don't think those guys back then did not how to swear!

Read all their damns they wrote in their writings!

It just sounded more sophistacated!



Susan said...
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