Friday, January 9, 2009

Kosovo, again.

Things always seem to go wrong in the Balkans when the world is looking somewhere else. This matter in Kosovo is no exception:

NATO peacekeepers warn Mitrovica violence could spread.

There have been recurring incidents in the Serb-majority district since December 30th of last year, with two explosions occuring on January 3rd. The result is that both Albanian and Serb ethnic elements are now mounting vigils to guard their neighborhoods, and the NATO peacekeepers have brought up re-enforcements with a standing order to keep a lid on things.

Let's hope they get it right this time.


Anonymous said...

Sgt. Douglas A. Sharp (DAS), had his California Guard Unit diverted from Afghanistan, to Kosovo on Dec. 26th. He was not pleased as he wanted to see more action. Now I suppose he will, though with a lot of the same type of ROE Restrictions he hated about Iraq. He is really is only happy shooting bad guys, he doesn't have good people skills :-)


L.Douglas Garrett said...

Gad, I haven't seen DAS in what seems like a couple decades. I was not aware he was still in the rotation.

Do give him my regards, when mail allows, and my wishes for his safety and success.