Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sakhalin Oil Spill

Details on this are still pretty sparse, but initial reports are that a moderate-sized oil spill occurred on southern Sakhalin Island (Karafuto).

Between the weather there right now (appallingly cold) and the environmentally sensitive nature of the region, this could be bad.

Do not discount the possibility that even though the two Japanese companies participating in the Sakhalin 2 project have been reduced to small minority partners in the venture (by Russian court-legalized-theft), the burden of cleaning up any damage will be foisted off on the various foreign partners by the Russians.

Adding insult to injury, after all.

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Karl Reisman said...

Adding insult to injury, after all.

But. Doung that's what passes for entertaining Humor in Russia (Well that and laughing at the oil soaked birds flopping around to the tune of "Yakkety Sax" in Russia's Funniest Hime videos...