Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Combined Operation in Nord-Kivu

Rwandan Army forces have entered Nord-Kivu of the D.R. Congo at the invitation of the FARDC (Congolese Armed Forces) for combined operations against the Interahamwe Hutu guerrillas of the FDLR. These FDLR are the murderous gangs (and former Army elements) that perpetrated the Rwandan Genocide, and have been carving out a mini-state for their corrupt pleasure amongst the refugee / renegade Hutu community in the camps of Kivu.

A successful joint operation by the two legitimate governments will have an additional benefit besides finishing once and for all the vengeance for the dead...

Defeating the Interahamwe will remove the major "legitimate" reason for the continued existence of General Nkunda's CNDP Congolese Tutsi renegade army. Doing that will then set the standard for him laying down arms (because his "cause" won). If the CNDP doesn't come in from the bush then, it becomes pretty hard to argue they aren't just another thieving band of resource pirates, and maybe then someone will actually do something about the fighting in Kivu.

... don't count on that somebody being the U.N. however:
The U.N. mission in Congo said it was not associated with the operations but confirmed that the Rwandan forces had entered Congolese territory.

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