Monday, April 6, 2009

The Weekly N&C for April 6th, 2009

There is no news

Well, there is, but once again this author feels constrained by his self-imposed rule to not use this space for pointless rantings (pointed rants are acceptable, of course).

For just one example of why the limiter has kicked in, John Bolton has a very fine Op-Ed piece on how America's Allies should now consider themselves on their own.

I no longer consider it a contingency to have to advise officials in the government here to have a plan to go on alone; I consider it a necessity to prepare for such.

So let us restate the above premise more nearly correctly:

There is news; There is no comment.

This thread topic is subject to revision and addenda.

Addenda1: With the U.S. Defense Budget as proposed by SecDef Gates, it looks like American capabilities are about to shrink to match the political mood mentioned above. Enough for the war being fought, and not very much to prepare for the next war.

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