Thursday, April 30, 2009

Curacao Hezbollah Drugs-Arms Ring busted

The Washington Post offers this AP report on the arrest of 17 people, including four Lebanese for alleged involvement in a Drug Trafficking Ring. Citing police chief Carlos Casseres, who said at a news conference:
Some of the proceeds, funneled through informal Middle Eastern banks, went toward supporting groups linked to the militant Hezbollah organization in Lebanon, according to Casseres. The smuggling ring also allegedly forwarded requests from Lebanon for arms to be shipped from South America.

"We have been able to establish that this group has relations with international criminal organizations that have connections with the Hezbollah," prosecutor Ludmila Vicento said.
Pretty clear example of the things spoken of here previously (multiple times); that the Terror-Smuggling-Nexus has spread to the shores of the Caribbean, and that the threat that entails goes far beyond simple drug smuggling.

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