Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Morning Push

There will be no other new discussion threads today unless the bottom drops out of things somewhere in the world; Next up will be the Weekly piece come Monday (North American time zones).

Lots of things left to do with the existing discussion threads, and I'll be around to comment on them too. Rather than posting an "Open" thread this weekend, this thread is left open to comments to fill any needs for that sort of thing. It will take a pretty compelling event to require a stand-alone Open Thread anytime soon, I believe. So enjoy here as you choose and the usual rules still apply; play nice.

My particular appreciation goes out to those following the Somali Pirates / Seychelles Area and the North Korean Missile Test topics. I hope what is said here is of use to you. As always, my regrets to the fans of Miss Kosovo 2009... but I do hope you find other things here that interest you.

There are no other site admin matters to trouble with for now.

As always, thanks for coming here!

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