Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Norway concludes agreement on its Continental Shelf

In an act of well-mannered and steady diplomacy, the Kingdom of Norway has concluded the lengthy negotiations needed to fully justify its extended Exclusive Economic Zone as allowed under the U.N. Law of the Sea Treaty.
"Norway is the first polar nation to complete this work," Stoere told a news conference of talks with a U.N. Commission that is trying to agree limits to continental shelves of coastal states as part of a revisions to the U.N. Law of the Sea.


Stoere said boundaries were set between Norway and Greenland, Iceland and the Faroes.

"In the discussion about who owns the North Pole -- it's definitely not us," he said.
Well presented, well defended and not overly rapacious in its goals. Norway deserves credit for this, and support in resolving the Svalbard and Russian border issues (dating back to the Spitsbergen treaty of 1920 - ratified and in force since 1925).

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