Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Brotherly Love

The West African nation of Togo has been a fairly tranquil place, but then again with the way old man Gnassingbe Eyadema ran the place (since 1967)... the citizenry didn't have a whole lot of choice about it. But with the old man gone, and something that looked a little like a democratic election in 2005, things were supposed to get better. The International Monetary Fund even resumed lending after a 14 year suspension.

The "election" was a nasty affair, and *big surprise*, Faure Gnassingbe (one of the old man's sons) won the Presidency.

Maybe he should have shared a bit more of the spoils...

Former Defense Minister and current Member of Parliament Kpatcha Gnassingbe was arrested today for plotting a coup d'etat during the President's planned trip to China this Sunday.

Yes, same patronym. That would be because K. Gnassignbe is the President's brother.


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