Thursday, April 30, 2009

ANZAC Day; Camerone Day

With all the distractions of the last few days, I've been unacceptably lax about keeping track of the date. ANZAC Day came and went (25.April) without the much-deserved 'thank you' that called for. Both countries are still doing their part: the Kiwis are about to send back in their Special Operations troops to Afghanistan (they've been in before) and the Joint Task Forces / ISAF will have another battalion of Diggers in the line soon as well (maybe 700 more troops in total, between 450 regulars, support forces and then Commonwealth SAS). Bless you and thank you, all.

I'm sure that there were other worthy memorials recently as well, and my regrets for any oversight on my part.


But come the end of April, there is one day that never slips past...

...the brave stand of Capitaine Danjou and the 65... Hacienda Camarón, April 30th, 1863. Camerone Day.

"Nous avons des cartouches et ne nous rendrons pas!"
Jean Danjou, Capitaine, Légion étrangère

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