Wednesday, April 22, 2009

If we have Chavez, why do we want God... ?

This is the item I mentioned yesterday that was waiting to be sourced and dated.

The Catholic Bishops of Venezuela have been one of the strong points in the opposition to President Hugo Chavez' centralization and seizure of power. For their trouble of doing so, they have been on the receiving end of political denunciations, an assault on the diplomatic dignity of the Vatican, and acts that can only be called gangsterism (Spanish source, sorry) like these threats to life and property made last September.

It seems those were only the warm-up.

Here is an image of a pamphlet thrown in a Church in Táchira State on April 5th... Palm Sunday.

It reads (translation):
If we have Chávez, why do we want God, Death to Priests. Socialism advances.

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I questioned the source, indirectly, and was told "(He) assured me that (he) received the pamphlet from (his) friend who was vacationing in San Cristóbal, who got it on Palm Sunday."

We've seen this before somewhere, haven't we?

Ah yes, we have. The French Revolution. The Reign of Terror.

That killed what, 30,000 priests?

Astute watchers of Venezuela have seen a pattern of events over the last few weeks:

. The M. Rosales accusation; A pre-written judgment against him in the hands of the judge before any trial even started; and the efforts to internationalize the arrest of Rosales after his flight to Peru.

.. The pamphlet mentioned above.

... A communique' from "La Piedrita" demanding the closure of Globovision.

.... A possible legal challenge to Teodoro Petkoff, a leftist politician/journalist in opposition.

..... An effort by Podemos Party parliamentarians to "neutralize" Social Democrat parliamentarian Ismael Garcia.

It adds up to Chavez, the Chavistas, and the goons that operate in their shadow, all believe that they have freedom of action... that no one is going to stop them now.

Given the way things went at the Congress of the OAS (Trinidad, April 2009), I'd say they are reading things all too well.

There have been no English-language reports of the pamphlet event made, so far as can be found.

My thanks to my excellent Spanish-sources reader for passing word to me of this.

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L.Douglas Garrett said...

Here is one of those astute observers, by the way, with her take on things. Fausta's Blog: Chavez persecutes the opposition.