Friday, April 17, 2009

Bolivian Plot

Remember the comment made here previously about how unsteady regimes (in Africa, in that case) always haul out the claim that the opposition is employing Foreign Mercenaries? True or false, the simple assertion of such seems almost required...

Bolivia claims Foreign Mercenaries plotted to kill President Morales. They've got 3 dead foreigners and two more in custody after a raid by national authorities, and assert a large stock of military-grade weaponry was confiscated.

However, the opposition claims a fabrication:
Santa Cruz Gov. Ruben Costas said in a news conference that local police were not involved in the operation and suggested that it was staged to discredit his government.

"The government for three years has repeated allegations of a coup but has never shown any evidence," Costas said.
Certainly should be interesting to see what evidence comes out now, and how it stands up to scrutiny.

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