Friday, April 24, 2009

Red Notice for Rosales

Manuel Rosales, one of the Venezuelan opposition targeted by the latest Chavez-inspired persecutions, is now under a "Red Notice" warrant from INTERPOL as a fugitive. He is reported to be in Peru, seeking Political Asylum.


Fausta of Fausta's Blog has a full work-up on the situation.


El Universal (in English) has several reports related to this item.

*Here* is the statement from Nicolás Maduro, Foreign Minister of Venezuela, on the declaration of Rosales as an international fugitive.
"We hope that the request we are making through the international mechanisms of capture and search of criminals such as Manuel Rosales is granted by all the countries of the region and all the countries in the world and is complied strictly, just like Venezuela does," Maduro said...
which may also be a reference to *this*.

Rosales has claimed that the arrest was part of a plot to kill him.
"They wanted to put me in jail. They were going to send me to a prison called La Planta, characterized by inhumane conditions... They wanted to put me in jail and then somebody would kill me... I decided to leave Venezuela to protect my integrity because they could have killed me and later they would have said that I had fought with them (the inmates)," Rosales said.

Meanwhile, the City Council of Maracaibo has appointed Daniel Ponne as the replacement to Rosales as Mayor, pending a new election.

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